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Somebody’s robot sculpture disintegrates slowly outside uni in the wind and rain.

Venice Food

A post on Venice food as promised! So sorry about the huge delay I’ve been busy with two art shows this month, my post-graduate show and Out Of Sight.

Anyway, gelato is the most important food of Venice especially if you’re a broke student. I practically lived on it.

Small bakeries are great places to stop when you’re lost in Venice and tired after walking for hours.

Pasta at the supermarket in Venice :P

Fucking tiny lasagna. Beware of overpriced and touristy restaurants that serve tiny quantities of food. I paid twelve euros for this!

A chocolate shop :)

Hotel snacks before our night out. Also don’t forget to try lots of Bellini, it’s an awesome mix of peach and champagne.

Cafe’s are a good place to grab a quick bite of affordable pizza and/or a sandwich when you’re on the go, which was most of the time for us since we were obsessed with seeing as much art as possible in six days.

Venice Streets

Lots of photos of venice streets and canals in this post. The next post will be Venice food! :) And pictures of venice graffiti are already up at my new art blog here.

It felt like a fantasy city. Lost tourists everywhere, traffic lights on the canals, and petrol pumps for taxi’s which are speedboats. Gondola’s are exorbitant and ridiculously expensive, but the entire venice experience is worth at least five days.

Rooftop View

View from the roof at my place in Bournemouth near St. Peter’s Church, The Square.


A day trip to Stonehenge and nearby towns Amesbury and Salisbury is a must-do if you’re in the area. Don’t take the sight-seeing bus – it’s loud and boring. Instead rent a car or walk the 2 kilometers from Amesbury to Stonehenge.

One of the many burial mounds that surround Stonehenge. It’s a nice walk  if the weather is good.

Two more burial mounds in the distance.


A swan on the Avon river, we passed this on 45 min. walk back to Amesbury from Stonehenge.

How to buy alcohol in the UK (if you are not old-looking)

1. Ensure that all friends and acquaintances travelling with you have their ID proving that they are above 18. If even one person in the group does not have it, make them go away or act like you don’t know them for the next 20 mins.

2. Enter the supermarket from where you plan to buy the alcohol.

3. Pick up your chosen beverage, snacks and supplies.

4. Go to the counter.

5. At the till, keep your ID ready and be positive.

6. If you are lucky, they will accept your ID. If not they will inform you that they only accept UK identification and/or an INTERNATIONAL driver’s license. In these sad cases, my Indian driving license, Indian PAN card, and student ID from the United Nations is deemed suspect. (All 3 id’s prove that I’m 25 with a photo).

7. If you’re ID is rejected due it not being issued by an EU or UK authority (United Nations is not counted) do not fret. Most importantly do not argue. Do not tell them that you cannot possible carry your passport everywhere with you. Do not tell them that other stores have accepted this ID several times before. Do not tell them that your passport is with the Italian embassy and what are you supposed to do now?

8. Be positive. After all, this proves that you look below 18 (Yeah right).

9. Go to an off-license store. They accept Id’s not from the UK/EU. They are open till late and have more choices anyway. The End.


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