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Venice Food

A post on Venice food as promised! So sorry about the huge delay I’ve been busy with two art shows this month, my post-graduate show and Out Of Sight.

Anyway, gelato is the most important food of Venice especially if you’re a broke student. I practically lived on it.

Small bakeries are great places to stop when you’re lost in Venice and tired after walking for hours.

Pasta at the supermarket in Venice :P

Fucking tiny lasagna. Beware of overpriced and touristy restaurants that serve tiny quantities of food. I paid twelve euros for this!

A chocolate shop :)

Hotel snacks before our night out. Also don’t forget to try lots of Bellini, it’s an awesome mix of peach and champagne.

Cafe’s are a good place to grab a quick bite of affordable pizza and/or a sandwich when you’re on the go, which was most of the time for us since we were obsessed with seeing as much art as possible in six days.

Summer is near!

A few pictures of lucky warm days in Bournemouth and London. This “warm” 18 degrees is considered cold winter in my home country. But I’ve stopped comparing; I’m celebrating like everyone else with lazy beach days and baking in the sun.

Ice Cream Truck

A cute ice-cream truck outside the British museum in London. Couldn’t afford the tempting 4 pound ice-cream, but a picture is also good.

Highway Market

A rest stop off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway sells Lonavala goodies like jellysweets, strawberries, chikki, and chocolate fudge. Along with magazines and coffee for the bored traveller.

Popcorn Machine

The number of popcorn flavours we take for granted in India :)

Candy Machine

Someone’s anonymous artwork thrown into the trash at the end of term, at AUCB.

Continental Market

A French market that sets up in the Square about thrice in a year. Still can’t get over how everything is so organized here in the UK, even the temporary markets. You just can’t call it a bazaar. :)


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