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Electronic Junk

Discarded adapters, fans, speakers, telephones, calculators and a toy robot: all lying on the same sheet of tarpaulin. This random stuff is sold at Sunday Market near Nehru Street. If you really look you can find some awesome stuff here.

I can spot a microwave, DVD player, mixer, boombox, and lots more:

The View from Ajanta

Ajanta is a hotel and restaurant on Beach Road. It’s one of the few places which serve alcohol and have a sea view in Pondy. Heres the view from the tables in the balcony. The view from the terrace restaurant is pretty good too.

Here’s a shot taken at night:

Garage Cafe

Tiny cafe spotted near beach road. Never seen anyone sitting inside though. The high ceiling is typical of the colonial-era houses in this part of town.

Menu Detail:

Pondicherry Museum’s Backyard

The museum is interesting if you enjoy looking at colonial era furniture and pieces of rock from thousand years ago. But compared to museum’s I’ve visited in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune it’s nothing special. I managed to sneak out my camera and take photos of the tiny museum’s backyard. It was filled with broken and abandoned statue busts.


Walking the streets in a town or city in India is impossible without noticing all the homeless people that live their lives camped on the pavements. By taking these pictures I’m not portraying their poverty as something beautiful or romantic but as a daily reality we avert our eyes from automatically.

This reminds me of a time when I was a student and I asked an old woman if I could take her photograph. Her face was so wrinkled I was fascinated and felt the portrait would be beautiful. She agreed and then said (in Gujarati): “You’re taking my picture because I’m poor, aren’t you. You’re only taking my picture because I’m poor. My feet are so dirty, that’s why you want to take my picture.” I was so surprised I ran away as fast as I could, I couldn’t even muster up the courage to protest.

Street Colours

This picture seems to capture the colours of Pondy, with its overflowing Bougainvillea’s, construction debris dumped on the side, and small bungalows.

Roadside Antique’s

There are a string of antique stores on the East Coast Road (ECR) between Pondy and Chennai. Doors, pillars, cabinets, chairs, sculptures were arranged haphazardly all over the place. Although I can’t vouch for their authenticity, you can find really interesting pieces here.


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